Computer vision syndrome, (CVS) usually results from prolonged strain on the eyes as it focuses on computer displays or similar visual display units for long periods. It is a temporary condition.


The most commonly observed indications of CVS include: eyestrain, dry or burning eyes, blurred vision, headaches, and double-vision.


The primary causative being the lighted computer screen and the prolonged nature of focusing on it, the essential factors that may lead to CVS originates from the machine, and hence could be easily controlled.

Backlit Screens: One of the major factors that direct the entire illumination from the screen on to the eyes, leading to CVS.

Low Contrast screen: A low contrast computer screen actually worsens the pixellated nature of the characters on screen, and thereby increases the strain in the eyes. Sustained strain, can easily lead to CVS.

Treatment and medicines as per Itoozhi Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment for Computer Vision Syndrome include local therapeutics like Aschothanam ( instillation of eye drops), Nethradhara ( Pouring of the herbal decoction on the eyes), Eyewashes will be useful to combat CVS. In chronic cases, Tharpana ( Retention of medicated ghee over eyes) is the most reliable treatment. Along with this, the practice of regular “eye- exercises” recommended by the physician, based on the severity and the nature of the job ( that contribute to the condition in the first place) will ensure that CVS is effectively prevented from re-appearing.

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