Conjunctivitis is a summer occurrence and when the climate becomes hot, a lot many across the country suffer from this eye disease. In Ayurveda, conjunctivitis is known as Netraabhishyananda . Also known as Pink eye, it is best detected when you wake up. If you observe abnormal or excess sleep dust or eye mucus, immediately visit a doctor before it turns into an eye infection. While the doctor prescribes medication and eye drops, conjunctivitis takes a few days to be treated. In the meantime, a few home or natural remedies can help you alleviate the pain and discomfort caused due to it.
Ayurveda has several natural ingredients that can reduce you discomfort up to a great extent.

Like all diseases, Ayurveda classifies Conjunctivitis also based on dosha classifications, and it could be of
1) VatajaAbhishyanda – patients feel more pain in the eyes.
2) PittajaAbhishyanda – patients feel more burning sensation in the eyes.
3) KaphajaAbhishyanda – patients feel more itching sensation in the eyes.
4) RaktajaAbhishyanda – Patient feels pain as well as burning sensation along with severe redness and some localized wounds.

A great ayurvedic remedy to alleviate the suffering is Rose Kashay or rose petal eye wash. Rose petals are a very good coolants and astringents. It heals the localized wounds and in turn helps in relieving the pain. The antibacterial and cleansing properties also heal the infection and reduce redness.
The best way to use them is to take 10-15 fresh red rose petals, wash them properly with clean water. Later make a fine paste and boil it in 100 ml of water till the solution reduces to 50 ml. Filter this mixture with the help of a folded clean cotton cloth and allow it to cool. Use it for eyes 4-5 times a day.

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