The 4th edition of the Global Ayurveda Festival, GAF 2020 would be held at the Adlux Convention Centre in Angamaly, Kerala from May 16-20,2020 and promises to be a unique, global Ayurveda event, much bigger in scope & scale than its earlier editions. The GAF 2020, according to its organisers, is expecting 5000 delegates from 50 countries, and daily footfalls of over 50,000 visitors.

The GAF 2020 is meant to project and promote authentic Ayurveda with science, services, products and policies occupying the centre stage of expositions, deliberations and exhibition, arranged as part of this mega event. GAF 2020 will function as a platform for global players, policy makers, practitioners and preachers to meet and transcend to the next level, in business, international facilitations, and universal health care.

The Focal Theme of GAF 2020

The focal Theme of Global Ayurveda Festival 2020  is “Ayurveda Medical Tourism : Actualizing India’s Incredibility” – leveraging on the facts that India is considered as the fastest growing travel destination for health seekers, with a projected 22 % annual growth as per the latest available Global Wellness Tourism Economics Report. Add to it that the wellness tourist in India spends 65% more than the normal international visitor, this amazing medical and wellness tourism potential of Ayurveda translates the “incredibility” of India to a more meaningful manner.

Ayurveda Medical Tourism will be featured in all the three major components of Global Ayurveda Festival 2020 , International Seminar, Global Ayurveda Exhibition and Global Ayurveda Matrix, as plenary deliberations, exhibits and business explorations respectively. Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA), in association with the governmental and non-governmental bodies, is organizing this Global Ayurveda Festival.

As in the previous Festivals, the Global Ayurveda Festival 2020 is bringing together the best for the Ayurveda fraternity– to learn, to experience, to collaborate, to progress and to expand. It will be an event that meets the needs of all – from students to scientists, from practitioners to policy makers and from educationalists to entrepreneurs.

Download the GAF 2020 Brochure


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