Are you having problems seeing at night, especially while driving or having a tough time finding your way around in dark places, like movie theaters? Well, it sounds like you have Night Blindness. Night blindness is not a disease but a symptom, and can be caused by Nearsightedness, cataracts, keratoconus, or even a lack of vitamin A. While some people are born with this problem, for some this might have developed from a degenerative disease involving the retina. It also happens due to exposure to smoke, dust, light, bright sunlight etc. for long time. The most important symptom of this is that the patient is unable to see during nighttime or after sunset.

Ayurveda has some home remedies that can be used to reduce the impact of night blindness. As a precaution, the patient should avoid exposure to smoke, fumes, and bright light, reading text with small letters and should use sunglasses during daytime.

The remedies include the following:

1.    Crush green coriander leaves on palm and pour the drops in the eyes.
2.    Pour a few drops of pure honey in the eyes.
3.    Take two spoons of Triphala powder at bedtime.
4.    Drink four spoons of bathua leafjuice and pour a few drops in eyes.
5.    Take four dry dates with black pepper daily.
6.    Take vinegar and honey twice daily.
7.    Soak Harad in water at night, sieve the water the next morning and rinse the eyes.

Ayurvedic practices like Jalneti and sutraneti help keep your eyes healthy. Regular Yogasana also keeps the digestive system in good shape, which helps the eyes as well. Take sufficient amount of vitamin A, and the food should be light and easily digestible. The patient of night blindness should eat 50 percent raw food like fruits, vegetables, juices and salad and 50 percent light and cooked food.

Though home remedies are available, it is suggested that consultation with Leading Ayurvedic Hospitals be done on time to avoid any major complications.

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