brahmi benefits are numerous Some plants attain sudden popularity – like Brahmi for example. It was as if everyone suddenly discovered the umpteen benefits of this wonder plant and everywhere you turned, there was some product being advertised in the name of its miraculous ingredient – Brahmi.

The truth is that Brahmi has been around for centuries and has been an essential ingredient in several Ayurvedic medicines over the ages.

Brahmi or Bacopa monniera (Water Hyssop) is a small creeping plant with succulent leaves and small white flowers that are native to South and Southeast Asia. They thrive in marshy conditions and can even be grown hydroponically. The whole plant is used in Ayurvedic medicines.

So what exactly are the benefits from this wonder plant?

Medicinal Uses of Brahmi:

Brahmi as a Brain and Nerve Tonic:

The primary effect that brahmi seems to have is on the functioning of the brain and nerves. Consequently it has been used to treat brain and nerve related disorders and also boost brain performance.

Brahmi improves the intellect, promotes mental clarity and sharpens memory. It improves mental alertness and enhances learning capacity, leading to better academic performance, making it popular with parents of school going children. Children who take Brahmi regularly have shown significant improvement in exploratory drive and increased perception.
What’s more, Brahmi benefits the brain cells in such a way that it resists Alzheimers Disease and dementia.

As a nerve tonic, Brahmi promotes youthful vitality and longevity, fights senility and treats epilepsy and insomnia.

It is effective against asthma and rheumatism.

Brahmi as an Anti toxin and Antioxidant:

Brahmi eliminates the toxic effects of free radicals and protects the brain from long-term damage.

Brahmi as Stress Reliever and Anti-depressant:

Brahmi is an effective stress-reliever that alleviates anxiety and irritability, soothes restlessness and relieves stress-induced insomnia. Brahmi calms the mind and is effective against ADHD. Brahmi is also used in de-addiction treatments.

Other Uses:

Brahmi has also been used by Ayurvedic practitioners in medicines used to treat ulcers, tumors, asthma, indigestion, inflammations, leprosy, anemia and nausea.

With all the benefits brahmi offers, it is a most useful plant to have in your Ayurvedic herbs garden and this is where you can buy a plant.

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