Obesity and overweight are one of the most prominent lifestyle disorders plaguing the present generation, and this is basically due to irregular food habits and a faulty metabolism. As more and more people are moving towards opting a healthy lifestyle, a plethora of options engulf you to shed those extra kilos. Right from exercise, diet management and popping on supplements, there are numerous ways to lose weight. However, for a sustainable weight management, it is always good to go organic and naturally shed those extra kilos. Interestingly, Ayurveda has some amazing foods that can help you not only lose weight but also boost immunity that too without any side effects.

Here are some ayurvedic super foods which help in losing weight naturally along with some exercise.

Ginger: This common remedy for cold and cough can work wonders for your weight loss. This wonder herb is loaded with the goodness of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which help in easing bowel movements and boosting digestion. According to ayurveda, ginger is a component of agni, this further helps in weight loss.

Lemon: Since ages lemon has been one of the most commonly used remedy to get rid of excess belly fat. Drinking lemon water on empty stomach has been a sure shot remedy. The pectin fibers present in lemon help in cutting the belly fat and regulating the insulin level. This further leads to a healthy metabolism.

Honey: Another important ingredient used in most ayurvedic medicines in known for its umpteen health benefits. Honey helps in easing bowel movements and further leads to healthy weight management. Honey is a healthy replacement for sugar, which has long been associated with diabetes and weight gain.

Amla: A dose of good health, amla is a great source of nutrition, which helps in controlling sugar and keeps you satiated for a longer duration due to the presence of fibers. Moreover, the citrus quotient of this fruit helps in balancing the sugar level, which eventually helps in weight management.

Black pepper: Black pepper can increase the thermogenic effect or thermic effect of food, which further burns calories. Hence, adding pepper to your meals help in reducing belly fat gradually.

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