We’ve been locked down by the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s been almost a year now. Slowly, we are all getting used to the new way of being too. Masks, sanitisers, hand washes – they are all present in our hand bags now; we cannot do without it. Safety has become priceless!

What we have also learned during these times, is that we still need to take care of ourselves much more that before. Emotional and physical health has become priority to each and every one of us. No matter what we do, where we go – our first thoughts are all about sanitisation and how well the place is maintained. Ultra-Hygiene is the word!

Why not look at some holistic healing options in that case? We can pamper and detox our minds and bodies simultaneously. Isn’t that a great idea? It is not news that our mind, body and soul are amazingly inter-woven, and each of these plays a vital role in our holistic being.

At Itoozhi Ayurvedic Hospital & Wellness Center, it is more about prevention and management. Why wait for any illness to arrive and then work on plucking the roots of it away from our bodies? Just like regular gardening gets rid of weeds, we could garden our mind, body and soul too. At Itoozhi Ayurvedic Wellness Center in Bengaluru, it is all about this holistic gardening of our beings.

The 21-day Ayurveda Immunity Boosting program

Designed to help your body refresh, recoup and rejuvenate, this program evaluates your current body health, understands your current lifestyle and daily regimen, and advises a holistic treatment through Ayurveda that is easy to practise and effective in its application. And all this can be done at the convenience of your abode for most part of the program!


When so much care has gone into putting together this integrated program of Ayurveda Immunity Boosting, why not reach out and claim in for yourself? We need to reclaim our holistic well-being all the more during the present times. We need to focus on our wellness. So, what are you waiting for ?

Check it out and see how you feel about it.  As they say, the greatest wealth is health!

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