Lack of sleep is one of the most common lifestyle issues faced by today’s generation. Most practitioners prescribe a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep everyday for adults to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, in today’s modern day lifestyle, where people are short of time, and stress factors run high, sleep becomes more and more evasive, leading to sleep deprivation for the body.

Ayurveda, offers remedies that over the years have helped those looking for a calm and better sleep. In general, the advice remains to maintain a proper diet and lifestyle, because the Ayurvedic beliefs point to imbalanced forces in the body as a reason for sleep deprivation. However, there are some specific Ayurvedic home  remedies that could ease one’s sleeplessness.

Warm milk: Warm turmeric milk, plain milk with cardamom, or milk mixed with some other herbs are an age old remedy for a sound sleep. Besides aiding better sleep, turmeric milk also relieves throat pain and builds stronger immunity.

Oil Massages: Taking a hot oil head and feet massage with certain oils is another recommended activity just before sleep time to induce a sound sleep. Slightly warmed sesame, lavender, jasmine, coconut or Brahmi (Waterhyssop) oils may be used for the massage.

Herbal consumption: Herbs are a major part of ayurvedic medicine and thus it must come as no surprise that certain herbs are recommend to help sleep better. Though herbs are not particularly recommended as a method of inducing sleep, they calm and clear the mind so that it can consequently result in better sleep. Ashwagandha (rennet) and Brahmi are the two most recommended herbs for this purpose – one teaspoon of both in a powdered form, boiled in two cups of clean, drinking water. This water can be consumed early in the day, preferably the morning.

Breathing techniques: As Ayurveda bases itself on balance of forces in the body, breathing techniques are often prescribed to attain this balance temporarily, or for a lasting time through practice. One such pattern for a better sleep is alternative breathing, which must be practiced on or before going to bed.

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