Healthy skin is everybody’s dream, so are you still trying to achieve that dream? We try so hard to tone our skin and make it healthy using all kinds of products, from moisturizers to toners to serums to lotions and creams that often deliver limited results, at best. Sometimes, these products, because they are all chemically based, cause our skin to react, which means we resort to wearing to makeup, which then further ruins our skin, creating a vicious cycle. Here are five ayurvedic remedies for glowing and healthy skin.

1. Avoid or Cut Down On Heavy Seafood Intake: As Ayurveda is customized per individual, one person may be able to safely consume more seafood than another and actually benefit greatly from the seafood. As a general rule of thumb, however, it would be best to cut down on heavy seafood intake, especially if you are seeking to improve your skin in any way.

2. Do Not Mix Milk With Fruits, Meat, Salt, Vegetables, or Honey: Ayurveda advocates that some food items  simply do not go together. The above list are called incompatible food combinations, which hinder the digestive process. Healthy, balanced digestion is considered the cornerstone of optimal health in Ayurveda, as healthy digestion reflects solid overall physical health. Healthy digestive system is critical for healthy skin.

3. Go To Sleep and Wake Up Early: Sleep is considered one of the three pillars of health, according to Ayurveda. The body actually heals itself as we sleep at night, ideally by 10 pm. When we miss the ideal time for sleep and try to compensate by sleeping excessively during the day, our health suffers, and it shows up adversely on our skin. Excess daytime sleep is also one of the causative factors of skin-related conditions.

4. Stop Sunbathing: Sunbathing, though a fad in many parts of the world, is considered unhealthy for skin, as per Ayurveda. It is therefore essential to protect yourself with a hat and/or sunglasses. Whenever you feel the temptation to soak in the sun, ask yourself, is it really necessary?

5. Do Something to be of Service, Without Any Strings Attached: Mental stress is a huge causative factor for skin problems. So much of our stress in life comes from the kinds of relationships we have with others, as well as our own worries about our current and/or future security, whether that be physical, emotional, financial, etc. A good service can uplift our mental health, thereby helping us to attain healthy skin.

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