Summers in our country can be harsh and extreme, sometimes even impacting health. It causes dehydration, sunburns, and various seasonal troubles, including digestive disorders. Ayurveda focuses on understanding how our lifestyle and diet impacts us during each season. In fact, Ayurveda subscribes to the theory that one’s diet should change based on the season. As such, one’s digestion is actually the lowest during summers. To prevent it from excessive heat, the body turns down its internal heat known as ‘agni”. There are various medicines available to treat the same. However, Ayurveda helps combat body and mind disorders by ascribing healthy practices. These include meditation, yoga, dietary regulation, and body massage.

In this article, we will discuss a few simple home remedies to ensure that the summer doesn’t harm you in any way.

  1. Lifestyle remedies:
    Walk barefoot on grass, early in the morning. The cold dew helps to dissipate the heat out of your body.
    Dress in light colors like white and use cotton material for your dresses. The natural and breathable nature of cotton helps air circulation. This helps in keeping you cool this summer.
    Drink Coriander water: Soak Coriander seeds overnight in water. Consumed it the next day to reduce body heat.
  1. Food and Diet:
    Fruits and fruit juices: Consume fruits like mango, water melon, lime, Amla and pomegranate raw or in juice form. These improve one’s appetite and also reduces the heat component in the body. Above all, most fruits like lime and amla are great sources of Vitamin C. It helps increase immunity by way of anti oxidant properties.
    Vegetables like Bottle gourd in juice form are good in many ways. For instance, these are good for diabetes and also helps keep skin healthy. Moreover, salads made of vegetables like cucumber, carrots and asparagus are good for skin. They also have cooling properties.
    Soups for Dinner: Soups are light and easy on the digestive system. Soups made of vegetables like broccoli, carrots and green leafy vegetables are good.
    Beverages: Tender coconut water and freshly made buttermilk from fresh curd helps maintain the electrolyte balance.
  1. Ayurvedic Procedures: Firstly, Ayurveda prescribes Panchakarma during Summers as it can help cool your body and help maintain a healthy body during summers.
    Secondly, Abhyangam with Medicated oils which has cooling properties followed by mild Swedanam (Steam), to open up the skin pores. This procedure nourishes the skin and helps in Maintaining the temp of the body.
    Finally, Basti karma (Therapeutic Enema) is beneficial during the Summer season to balance the Vata Dosha.
    Treatments like Shirodhara also help in relaxing and controlling aggravated Vata Dosha. Netra Dhara and Netra Tarpanam provide Cooling and relaxing effect to eyes.

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