If you are over 40, with a history of glaucoma in the family, you should be getting your eyes checked right now. Yes, right now.

Common Symptoms

Glaucoma could be called the silent destroyer of vision, as the progressive degeneration that sets in the eye, resulting in total loss of vision, if left untreated. The primary cause of glaucoma is the buildup of fluid pressure within the eye ( between the iris and the retina) which starts pressing against the walls, resulting in the optic nerves getting damaged, and if left unchecked, results in permanent damage. This condition, referred to as ocular hypertension first causes loss of peripheral vision.


Other causes include direct injury to the eye, eye infection and inflammation. It has been found that more than half the patients who have glaucoma set in do not recognise their gradual loss of peripheral vision as there are no ‘noticeable’ symptoms.

Treatment and medicines for Glaucoma, as per Itoozhi Ayurveda

The advised set of treatments for the Ayurvedic treatment for Glaucoma include Snehapanam with Thriphaladi Ghritam, Internal kashaya panam, Bidalakam (application of herbal paste over eye lids) with Mukkadi purampada, Pindi ( placing of herbal paste over eye), Nasyam ( instillation of medicine in nose ), Virechanam with Avipattikara choornam, triphala choornam with triphala kashaya, Nimbamruthadi eranda Thalam ( Retention of medicated paste or oil right on the vertex ) and Nethradhara with Nethraprasadana Kashayam. At Itoozhi Ayurveda, the treatment regimen is decided after a complete diagnosis of the specific ailment and the physical conditions of the individual. Hence no two treatments of glaucoma will ever be the same as Ayurveda places equal importance for the individual constitution and the disease. Based on the traditional treatises of Ayurveda and the legacy of Ayurveda medicine that spans three centuries, the final regimen is tailored around each case.

Understanding Glaucoma.

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MD HALIM JAVED · June 3, 2020 at 6:35 am

My left eye is gulcoma I have done surgery now 13 left and 16is right eye left eye vison loss 60% Dr said me that vison never come but now ifeel heaviness in left eye and pain allepathic Dr said me that never

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