Common Symptoms

In most cases, near vision stays fairly unaffected though distance vision suffers starting with blurry vision. As myopia progresses, near vision gets gradually affected – the most visible sign is the affected ones holding their books, news papers or for that matter any object extremely close to the eyes to see clearly, and patients cannot read without their glasses prescribed for distance vision.


Myopia or near sightedness is caused mainly due to a defect in the refractivity of the eyes. The curvature of the refracting surface of the eyes changes affecting clear vision. Moreover, myopia can be a result of nervous debility, cold and chronic constipation too. The most common causes of myopia are improper reading habits and lack of vitamins in the body. Though, sometimes it can be hereditary also.

Treatment and medicines as per Itoozhi Ayurveda

Treatment for Myopia in Ayurveda is extensive and proved to be highly effective in the long run. Internal kashayam, Anjana with Chandanadi, Mukulanjana, Aschyothana (Instillation of eye drops), Nethradhara (Pouring of herbal decoction on the eyes), Sirodhara (whereby herbal oil, medicated milk, medicated butter milk are poured on the forehead in a specified manner), Tharpanam with Jeevanthyadi ghritam, Thriphala ghritam, Anantha ghritam and specific Eye exercises.

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