Vrukshayurveda in every home-Itoozhi Ayurveda Has our personal health, which eventually constitute what we are and guarantee our existence, fallen prey to our conditioned consumerist tendencies ?

Looking at how we react to a discomfort to our physical health, it wouldn’t be averse to think so. We seem to have now comfortably started addressing our ailments in the same methods that we approach our needs and wants, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the choices that we embrace influence our coming generations to take to pill-popping with gay abandon. The United States, for example, has 5% of the world’s population & consumes 75% of the world’s prescription drugs – a condition, shall we say, has been borne of the sheer convenience of the whole process.

It is here that our traditions in personal healthcare, that have been inextricably linked with plants, – the harbinger of all the goodness of the planet we live in, gain exceptional importance. The Ayurvedic home-remedies traditionally administered in families of generations past, which gave way to convenience and across-the-counter generic treatment had always been a tried and tested way to boost our own immunity levels while fighting the malady, rejuvenating and re-energising our bodies with no side-effects whatsover. Plants with medicinal qualities, usually formed a part of the old home-gardens and kitchen gardens, which had a remedy in each, for most of the common ailments in any family. It was natural, pure and healthy.

We believe its time we rediscovered our roots ( literally )through Vrikshayurveda and embrace them whole-heartedly. And in keeping with one of the central philosophies that co-relates Ayurveda, plant life and our existence ( മണ്ണ്, മരം, മനുഷ്യത്വം – land, tree, humaneness), we feel its time we brought the goodness of nature back into our lives.

The first step in this would be to create a small kitchen-garden in each home, with a small yet enriching variety of medicinal plants which will ensure you heal healthy and stay healthy.

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