If the Kerala Ayurveda department has its way, it would be in possession of an updated and comprehensive database of all the Ayurveda medicine manufacturers in the state, and it has given itself a deadline of 3 months to compile it digitally. We feel this was an initiative which was long overdue.

According to the recent news report on the subject, it quotes Dr N Vimala Anil, drugs controller for Ayurveda department in Kerala –

The data creation will not only help the department to deal with the issues related to licence releases, but will also help regulate process of licence renewal, new product endorsement and find out the number of classical and proprietary medicines being manufactured by each company. It will also help to keep a tap on companies which are engaged in the production and sale of drugs without licences or renewals. The database will be useful for the inspecting officers to carry out their duties without any kind of hurdles.

The department will build a digital file of the entire licences issued so far and arrange it area wise, with the name of company, the date it was issued on, and the products each unit manufactures. This will help the various offices of the Ayurveda department to regulate the operations of the manufacturers and make sure renewals take place. Once the database of licences is ready, it will help the department revoke licences which have not been renewed without any reasonable explanations.

We hope this initiative of a digital database of all Ayurveda medicine manufacturers in Kerala would be the first step in adapting the best of the world’s technology to help aid the administrative and technical demands of propagating Ayurveda in the new world.

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