Virechana-in-Ayurveda-panchakarma-Treatment Panchakarma offers traditional Ayurvedic methods for purification and rejuvenation through oil massage, herbal treatment, cleansing methods and diet control. It aims to correct the imbalance of the three basic elements of human body – Vata , Pitta and Kapha , in order to maintain the inherent equilibrium.

Panchakarma treatments are normally given after different methods of purvakarmas (initial treatment) so that the body becomes prepared to undergo the main treatment. The purvakarma procedures are Snehanam and Swedanam, known as Pre-purification Therapy.

Virechana is the most famous in panchakarma treatments in ayurveda panchakarma treatment. It is done by inducing purging in ‘pitha’ vitiated ailments like skin diseases and other impurity conditions of blood.

Virechana is the process of cleansing of the intestines which are pitta dominant through the use of laxative medicines.It helps to remove the toxic and metabolic waste from liver, gallbladder and intestinal tract. It does away with extra bile toxins from the middle zone of the body. Therefore, for many of the digestive ailments, people fall back to this form of discourse. If addressed well by virechana, it neutralizes ulcers, gastritis, IBS, jaundice, kidney complaints, intestinal colic, and asthma. Virechanam help reduce or heal fever, skin diseases, haematemesis, epistaxis, splenic disorders, worm infestation, anemia, headache, burning eyes, excessive lacrimation, chronic cough, rhinitis, gout, gynaecological disorders, rheumatic conditions, anorexia.

While performing the Virechana karam, the vitiated doshas are eliminated through the rectum. The drugs used for the purgation therapy are to vitiate the doshas and bring them into the abdomen. During the procedure, the patient is subjected to Oleation ( ingestion of medicated ghee, directly or mixed with recommended food ) first, then Fomentation (Induced Sweating therapy ), which is followed by Emesis ( induced vomiting ) and Samsarjana Karma ( diet control – post operative). The internal Oleation is followed for three to seven days. Thereafter, a medicated steam bath is performed for three days. A light and warm diet is prescribed for the patient, a day before starting Virechana karma in Ayurveda panchakarma treatment.

‘However, certain factors like body and mind constitution, age of the person, mental condition should be considered, while opting for Virechana karma.

Panchkarma comprises five distinct therapeutic procedures. Each procedure has an importance in our body. That is why utmost care is exercised at Itoozhi Ayurveda while performing Panchakarma on patients. Patients leave our nursing home after Panchakarma with an improved vigour and resume their normal activities with total confidence.

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