Ayurveda is not just a way of treatment but also an ancient science that advocates a way of life that works in complete harmony with nature, finding the perfect median between mind, body and soul. Derived from Sanskrit, Ayurveda is made up of two words – “Ayur”, which means life and “Veda”, which means knowledge. As you head for an ayurveda treatment, get to know the different treatment you shall be subjected to.

Potli massage: These Massages use potlis or pouches made of muslin cloth and consist of specially picked medicated herbs, which have different healing effects on the body. They are used to massage specific pressure points on the body and the treatment usually lasts 45-60 minutes.

Panchkarma: This is a detoxification treatment that aims at flushing out the toxins from your body. It consists of multiple processes which include a massage, steam treatment, vomiting or vamana, the use of laxatives or virechana and nasal treatment. This multi-step detox is followed by a strict diet and therapy that requires the patient to change their lifestyle and habits. Herbs like ashwagandha, mustard, neem, turmeric, ginger, rosemary and aloe vera are used to make medicated oil for the massage that soothes the muscles.

Abhyanga: Abhyanga is a full body massage using special warm oil such as Bhringaraj oil or Brahmi oil, which is great for the scalp and even helps people sleep better. During this massage, coconut oil or sunflower oil is used to nourish body tissues and remove toxins. The treatment is used to rejuvenate the body, reduce stiffness and stress, boost energy levels, relax muscles, beautify the skin and delay ageing.

Sirodhara: Sirodhara is a technique that involves dripping medicated oil on the forehead. The name is basically a combination of two Sanskrit works, “shiro” which means forehead and “dhara” which means flow. The forehead is an important marma and is also known as the third eye in Ayurveda. A medicated oil, made from a number of herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari, bhringaraj and brahmi e used.

Kativasthi: Kativasthi is a massage therapy for the lower back where warm medicated oil is anointed along with herbal paste for 45-60 minutes. This treatment works best to get rid of all the pain that arises in the lower body and spine.

Leading Ayurvedic hospitals use these therapies for treatment of various ailments.

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