Ayurveda as a medical science is known to have a solution for all body problems including metabolism, digestion and immunity. A healthy metabolism is an essential prerequisite for quick weight loss. Metabolism or basal metabolic rate (BMR) is one in which the body is able to extract energy out of food and use it for various body processes. The faster the metabolic rate, the easier it is for the body to use those calories, burn fat and loses weight. Keeping these in mind, there are herbs in Ayurveda that aid metabolism and digestion, thereby fastening the process of Weight Loss.
Following are Ayurvedic herbs and foods that can help in regulating metabolism:

  1. Amla: Consuming amla regularly can be beneficial for your metabolism, overall health and hair health. Compounds like ellagic acid, gallic acid, quercetin and corilagin to name a few, can be beneficial for your liver, reduce inflammation, improve your immune function, regulate blood glucose and protect heart. Amla is extremely popular for improving hair health as well.
  2. Ashwagandha: Consuming ashwagandha in its natural form is the best way to reap maximum benefits from it. Adding it in your tea or meals can also be tried.
  3. Licorice or mulethi: Licorice root or mulethi can be had by adding to your tea. Having 1 to 5 gms of mulethi every day can also improve mental well-being, thanks to presence of flavonoids glabridin, liquiritigenin, and isoliquiritigenin in licorice. This Ayurvedic herb can improve memory and mood and reduce overall stress. What’s more is that it soothes the digestive tract, improves heart health and reduces inflammation. Together these functions can improve metabolism.
  4. Shatavari: Shatavari is known to hold great value in Ayurvedic universe, thanks to versatile reach in the body. It contains steroidal saponins and flavonoids that together improve digestion, strengthen immunity and improve metabolism. Though these herbs aid metabolism and weight loss, it is best advised to undergo any such therapy under medical supervision. Itoozhi Ayurveda has a team dedicated for lifestyle disorders like Obesity and can help in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

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