Dry eye syndrome, a common cause of eye irritation, occurs mainly due to a decreased production of fluids from tear glands, which prevent tears from performing their useful functions and affect vision.

Common Symptoms

Ayurvedic Dry Eye treatment

The common symptoms include this feeling of a phantom substance in one’s eyes, making it very difficult for contact lens wearers and their vision. The affected eyes usually have stringy mucuous around the eyes, mostly displaying a stinging, burning or scratchy sensation. Usually seen affecting both eyes together.


Dry eyes can be caused by environmental irritants such as smoke, sun, wind or low humidity amongst other reasons. Allergic reactions to eye drops or ointments or prolonged time between blinking, such as visually concentrating on something, for example, working at a computer, driving or reading have also been causative factors leading to Dry Eyes Syndrome.

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Dry Eye Treatment and medicines as per Itoozhi Ayurveda

Like any other eye ailment, Ayurvedic treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome focuses mainly on the individual AND the disease and not just the individual. In Ayurveda, treatment and medicines for the same ailment may be different for different people. Ayurveda treats Dry Eye Syndrome with Internal kashaya panam, Snehapanam with Thriphaladi Ghritam, Bidalakam (application of herbal paste over eye lids) with Mukkadi purampada, Pindi (Placing of herbal paste over eye), Nasyam ( Instillation of medicine in nose), Virechanam with Avipattikara choornam, triphala choornam with Triphala kashaya, Nimbamruthadi Eranda Thalam (Retention of medicated paste or oil right on the vertex ) and Nethradhara with Nethraprasadana Kashayam.

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