Obesity is a chronic health problem in which there is an excess accumulation of fat in the body. It is now a leading cause of preventable illness and death in both developed and developing countries. Till some time back, for most of human history, malnutrition was the major norm, and hence genetics evolved to favor fat storage. However, with evolving times, excess fat storage, commonly known as Obesity has become a health problem for many.

Unhealthy food pattern, sedentary lifestyle and stress results in the formation of ama (endogenous toxins) which obstructs the srotas (circulatory channels) and deranges the Agni (digestive fire). The excess intake of unhealthy food increases the kapha dosha in the body. The kapha along with ama cloggs the communicating channels, srotas and thereby disrupting the formation of tissues. As a result , all the food ingested gets converted to the medho dhatu [adipose tissue]. Hence the rest 6 dhatus[ tissues] become undernourished. Accumulation of kapha associated with ama in the srotas causes an imbalance in naturally flowing Vata energy.
The Vata gets obstructed, which in turn ignites the agni leading to an increase in appetite and thirst. As a result, one eats more and more, which increases his kapha dosha and medo dhatu but still his agni remains inflamed, so he becomes more hungry and eats more and the cycle goes on and on.

Aim of Ayurvedic Treatment:
• Eliminates ama.
• Pacify Kapha dosha
• Cleans up the srotas
• Re-establishes the normal flow of Vata
• Balance the agni.
• Reduces the medas.

Panchkarma is an often used Ayurvedic Purification procedure that induces weight loss. Before starting the actual procedure of purification, there are preparatory procedures called poorvakarma. Usually, olieation and sudation therapies are done. But in the case of obese, a special therapy known as udwartana is to be done. Post this, Snehapana and Swedana are done.

Next comes the main procedures of panchakarma called the pradhana karma. It includes Vamana [emesis] and Virechana [ purgation]. This is followed by Vasti and Nasya
Though such purification procedures are important, what is also important are the lifestyle changes that need to go with it. Physical and mental exercises like Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation help in ensuring that Obesity is cured and does not recur. It is important that all procedures are conducted under the expert supervision of an Ayurvedic Hospital.
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